Running in Cork Blog Traffic


The Running in Cork website was started in late 2006.


Within 12 months, the traffic had gone over 2,000 hits per month and it had become as large as some of the websites of the local athletic clubs and other running organisations.


Within another 6 months, the traffic had quadrupled and by June 2008 as the traffic approached 10,000 hits per month, it had become the largest running website in Cork.


From the peak in traffic of 9,946 hits in June 2008, the traffic remained at roughly 8,000 hits per month for the rest of the year.


In January 2009, the number of monthly hits exceeded 10,000 for the first time.


By late Spring, it was at roughly 13,000 hits per month and peaked in June 2009 with almost 19,000 hits for the month.



By late 2009, the traffic was at roughly 13,000 per month before taking off again in 2010 and hitting a new peak of over 27,000 hits in June 2010.


By late 2010, the traffic was staying around the 22,000 mark before taking off again in early 2011 breaking through the 30,000 barrier for the 1st time in March.


By comparison with say April / May 2009, the monthly traffic levels have doubled.


(Note : The same tracker has been in use since the blog started in 2006. The current traffic levels can be seen at )

 Google Analytics....

In 2009, I started to use Google Analytics with the website just to confirm that the original tracker readings were accurate.

The figures below are for all the 'Pageviews' to the blog from May 2009 to April 2011......a 2 year period.

Pageviews or Page impressions are the total number of pages that were seen by visitors. In 2 years, it has gone from roughly 25,000 per month to 50,000 per month with in excesss of 700,000 pageviews in that period.

As a measurement of performance, I tend to ignore 'Pageviews' as they can be very misleading. For example, on websites where a user might look at say 200 photos in a photo gallery, that is 200 page 'pageviews'  or 'Page impressions'. Websites like this can rack up impressive Pageview figures but the level of people visiting may be very low.



The graph below shows the number of visitors to the Running in Cork site. The monthly figures record everything from one person visiting the site in a month to someone visiting it every day. The figures in the 2 year period go from about 15,000 to 30,000. This graph follows closely the original tracker value so I now know that the levels recorded by it are accurate.

This figure is the one used by most websites when they are publishing their traffic levels. On a national level, this would make the Running in Cork Blog one of the main running related websites in the country.



This graph below shows the unique number of visitors per month. For example in May 2009, 5,000 individuals visited the site in the space of that month. By April 2011, that figure was up around 9,000.

Update...Dec 2011...Approx 11,000 unique visitors per month.



As for where all the visitors are located, the vast majority as you can see below are in Ireland as you might suspect. Obviously, a high percentage are located in the Cork region although it gets a lot of traffic from the Dublin area as well.

Disclaimer : The figures shown above are I believe an accurate picture of the traffic to the Running in Cork website. All graphics are original. The only modifications made to them was to add the years in the 'Visits for all Visitors' and the 'Absolute Unique Visitors' graphics to make them clearer.
John Desmond
Dec 2011