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Sportlegs sound too good to be true. Their maker claims they reduce the 'burn' of riding too hard too long. But just about everyone we know who's tried the stuff seems to like it. Their testimonials largely echo the feedback page on the Sportlegs site. Basically, everyone says they can ride harder after taking the stuff. That's good for anyone who likes riding fast or climbing hard or both.

The special ingredient is lactate -- just like the lactate your body produces. Conventional Wisdom once postulated that lactate was bad for legs, but now it seems that some is good. Lactate here is supposed to work as a buffer to slow down other adverse chemical reactions that will really slow you down. The lactate from Sportlegs tricks your body into thinking it doesn't need to make more.

...the lactate from Sportlegs tricks your body into thinking it doesn't need to make more... Sportlegs allows you to pre-load the lactate so your body doesn't feel the burn so soon. But there isn't a complicated or long multi-day loading protocol. Just take one capsule for every 50 pounds of body weight an hour before you are going to exercise. That's two capsules for a 100 pounder, three for 150, and so on (if you're in between, they suggest rounding up). The capsules dissolve and get to work. Sportlegs has plenty of advocates in the peloton, and those people suggest reloading with a dose every three hours if riding easy or every two hours if racing.

The formula is patented. The company doesn't allow any substances on the World Anti-Doping Association's (WADA) prohibited list into their manufacturing facilities, so you won't be able to use Sportlegs as your excuse if you ever test positive. The main ingredients are lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium with vitamin D. These ingredients are gluten-free and dairy-free. The bottle comes with 120 capsules.

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