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First Endurance EFS/Ultragen Combo

First Endurance EFS and Ultragen are an unbeatable combo, and truth be told we couldn't imagine using one without the other. Drinking EFS while you ride lets you maximize your endurance and energy so you can make the most of your training, while drinking Ultragen after you ride facilitates the sort of complete recovery you need to hammer yourself again the next day. First Endurance recently improved their EFS formula -- they changed the amino acid blend to increase absorption, it now has Malic acid which supercharges the production of ATP, and now EFS includes two different sources of Calcium and Magnesium for better bio-availability. Our combo pack includes the new EFS formula.

Since they're such a potent tag-team, we've packaged them together here so you can take care of your energy drink needs in one click -- and save some money at the same time. By buying them together you'll save 10% in comparison to buying them individually. You get one canister of EFS in Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime, Orange, or Tangerine; and one canister of Ultragen in Cappuccino, Orange Creamsicle, Tropical Punch.

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