The native orchids of the North American Eastern Woodlands

New species and photos will be added as the blooming season progresses (and when I have time to go out and find them).   County in parenthesis is where the photographs were taken.

Note: all of the Orchids below were photographed on protected land, be it public or private.  Therefore, please do NOT contact me and request that I dig plants for you.  At best, your email will be deleted.

Aplectrum hyemale - Puttyroot (City of Williamsburg, VA)

Calopogon pallidus - Pale Grass Pink (Isle of Wight County, VA)

Corallorhiza odontorhiza var. odontorhiza - Autumn Coralroot (James City County, VA)

Corallorhiza trifida var. verna - Northern Coralroot - Southern Variety (Pocahontas County, WV)

Cypripedium acaule - Pink Lady's Slipper (City of Williamsburg, VA)

Cypripedium kentuckiense - Kentucky Lady's Slipper (Lancaster County, VA)

Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens - Large Yellow Lady's Slipper (City of Williamsburg, VA)

Galearis spectabilis  - Showy Orchis (Warren County, VA)

Galearis spectabilis fma. albiflora - Showy Orchis - Albino Form (Madison County, VA)

Goodyera pubescens - Downy Rattlesnake-Plantain (City of Williamsburg, VA)

Isotria medeoloides - Small Whorled Pagonia (City of Williamsburg, VA)

Isotria verticillata  - Large Whorled Pagonia (Shenandoah County, VA)

Liparis liliifolia - Lily-Leaved Twayblade (City of Williamsburg, VA)

Listeria australis - Southern Twayblade (James City County, VA)

Malaxis unifolia - Adder's Mouth (Lancaster County, VA) 

Platanthera blephariglottis var. conspicua - White Fringed Orchid (Isle of Wight County, VA)

Platanthera clavellata - Club-spur Orchid (Richmond County, VA)

Platanthera cristata - Crested Fringed Orchid (Lancaster County, VA)

Spiranthes lacera var. gracilis - Slender Lady's Tresses (Isle of Wight County, VA)

Tipularia discolor - Crane-Fly Orchid (City of Williamsburg, VA)