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Race #1     Aug 24                            5k                           Norris Penrose.Bear Creek Park                                            .5/1.5 mi
Race #2     Sept 14                           5k                           Air Force Academy /Air Academy HS                                     .5/ 1.5 mi
Race #3     Oct 27                             5k                           Norris Penrose/ Bear Creek Park                                           .5/ 1.5 mi


Race #1        Nov. 9                 2 mi                         Cheyenne Mountain H.S. Track                       .5 - 1mi 

Race #2        Jan. 11                1mi                          UCCS - Indoor                                                       1mi                
Race #3        Feb 15                800/ 1500                Cheyenne Mountain H.S. Track                      .5 - 1mi          
Race #4        May 25               5k                            Cheyenne Mountain H.S. Track                       .5 - 1mi  
Race #5        July 4                 1 mi                          Cheyenne Mountain H.S. Track                      .5 - 1mi  



CROSS COUNTRY SERIES: This series is designed to mirror the iconic race courses that high school athletes compete on throughout their season. Your race will be part of several of the largest high school events in the state of Colorado and you will also have an opportunity to challenge yourself on the same course that maybe you ran during high school, your child competes on or maybe you just want to see how you might measure up to Colorado's best high school runners!

TRACK SERIES: The first race is a continuation of cross country, but run on the track. The idea of Race #1 is to see how fall fitness translates to track fitness - typically pretty well. Race #2 is geared toward those wanting to get a race experience in prior to the high school season or for adults/elites getting ready for the spring track season. Race #3 is an opportunity to run a fast 5k on the flattest course you'll ever run! Race # 4 is our version of July 4th fireworks on the track - just have some fun and get after it!  

YOUTH SERIES: From the original youth running series (Lightfoot Trail Running Series) comes an opportunity for our younger runners to experience sections of the iconic cross country courses in Colorado Springs and then join in as the high school runners and adults tackle the track. The youth will be given their own "show" to enjoy all that comes with racing! 


                                                                                                          Norris Penrose / Bear Creek Park Course Record: 
                                                                                                                                    15:16 - Cole Sprout

RR-PR Series 2 mile...formerly known as "Tomahawk 2 mile