The Half Marathon is on mostly single track technical trails moving in and out of the Buffalo Creek valley. There will be less then one mile on paved roads. You may see deer, fox, and bear. That's right one year runners kicked up a Black Bear crossing the Buffalo creek...  You will also come across the following obstacles:
  • Steep downhills: Some are very steep, so approach with caution. Some will have lose rocks the whole way down and others have no rocks, just grass and dirt, but are very steep.
  • Gut busting climbs: There will be four significant climbs in the half marathon, with some small rolling hills. All but one are on old logging roads in the woods, and the other one is on a dirt back road. You will climb an estimated 2000 feet, give or take, in the half marathon. These hills have made lots walk and some say "will this hill ever end".
  • Rocks: This is where the technical part comes in.  There are a few different sections where you must navigate rock fields. These are areas of almost all rock. There are also a couple rock piles that you must deal with. Last but not least is the hundreds of very large rocks the you will encounter throughout the course. Some of the areas that are out there are dangerous, so when in those areas, please slow down and use caution.




  • Logs & Roots: There are a few sections on the course where you will  encounter log piles or single logs. The single logs are in different areas on the course and can be jumped over.  There are lots of roots to deal with.
  • Man made bridges: There are a few man-made bridges on the trail that will vary in size. Some will be wide and some are very narrow. So please be careful.
  • Water: This has to one of the funnest parts of this trail. The water crossings.  You will cross the Buffalo creek and many other small streams. There are sections that seem to always be wet, no matter how little rain we have had. So just be prepared to get wet and muddy.
  • Markings: The whole trail will be well marked with pink paint and blazes. The ground and the trees will have marks on them too. There will be large signs at all intersections showing where to go.
  • CHANGE:8k race will take place on the same trail, but this year will have a new downhill to a nice flat area with 4 small water crossing. After a very good climb out of valley   you will still have the rocks, roots, log piles, and small rock field to contend with.
  • The two mile hike will also be on some of the same trails. There will be signs that lead the hikers on a couple of different trails.  You will be on some of the same trails as the runners, so please be kind and move over and let them pass. Hikers will have two small hills and no water to cross..  
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