I am interested in homotopy theory and higher category theory, and related areas such as derived (algebraic) geometry and (topological) quantum field theories.

Some Current Projects

  • ∞-operads as polynomial monads (with David Gepner and Joachim Kock)
  • The AKSZ construction in derived algebraic geometry as an extended TQFT (with Damien Calaque and Claudia Scheimbauer)
  • The higher Morita category of enriched (∞,n)-categories
  • Symmetrization of ∞-operads and the additivity theorem for En-algebras
  • The Yoneda lemma for enriched ∞-categories



  • ∞-operads via Day convolution
    arXiv:1708.09632 (31 Aug 2017)
  • Enriched ∞-operads (with Hongyi Chu)
    arXiv:1707.08049 (25 Jul 2017)
  • Linear Batalin-Vilkovisky quantization as a functor of ∞-categories (with Owen Gwilliam)
    arXiv:1608.01290 (3 Aug 2016)
  • Two models for the homotopy theory of ∞-operads (with Hongyi Chu and Gijs Heuts)
    arXiv:1606.03826 (13 June 2016)

Talk Slides


  • Weakly Enriched Higher Categories (30 Apr 2013)
    Warning: This contains a number of non-trivial errors. In any case, essentially everything in here can now be found in a much nicer and (as far as I know) correct form among the papers above.