(1) Must move by feet (or on hands and knees) no motorized assistance, no bikes, no skateboards, no dogsleds and no being carried like Cleopatra on the shoulders of muscular eunuchs.
(2) Pacers are allowed at any distance, at any time - but please no more than two at a time and please contribute to the aid station food/drinks/supplies. 
(3) No running Friday Night. 
(4) No littering of any sort - anyone caught littering will be DQ'd for this and al future races. 
(5) Alcohol - yes, please feel free to feed the RD's. 
(6) Nudity - at this time, Raj and I are only able to open this option for the female runners. 
(7) RD's (well, really me) has the discretion to DQ or apply time penalties to any Dodgers fans, Chargers fan, Patriots fan, Red Sock fan, Broncos fan and/or Chiefs teams: Oakland Raiders, SF Giants, Oakland A's and the Brewers (because they make beer). 
(8) Runners without a sense of humor and/or an infectious smile will probably be fed to wild boars. 
(9) ALL races officially start at 06:00am Saturday morning and end 6:00pm (18:00 for you military folks) Sunday evening (no exceptions to the ending time) and anyone that wants to be in the running (intentional pun) for the 1st place male and female of each distance must start at 06:00 Saturday and must declare that distance in advance (i.e. if you start out in the 100 miler but later decide to stop at 50 miles with the fastest 50 mile time - we will not DNF you for the 100, you will get the 50 mile buckle, but you will not receive the 1st place award). 
(10) All runners who took my advice last year and considered the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for President (instead of the two other bozos)...gets a shot of tequila post race with the Race Director (must be 21).
(11) At night you must have some form of light....flashlights seem to work well, but , a firefly collection, etc. could also work. 
(12) Pushing baby joggers/strollers are long as the toddler isn't pushing you in it. 
(13) You MUST have fun!