Race Info

Finishers Awards:    
Every person that completes 100 miles will earn the universally coveted Run d' Amore belt buckle - it will make people swoon, your 401k to grow, grey hair fall out (leaving some of you bald), and all your lucky lottery numbers to be selected (maybe not at the same time though).  

The top male and female finisher in the 50km, 50 mile, 100km, and 100 mile distance will receive a special bottle of wine (must be 21 or have a parent pick it up.....if not, the RD's will drink your prize).

Wow!  You expect a lot out of a Fat Ass event.   We are trying (need more entries).

Race Course:    
This is a 2 mile loop course coupled with a 1 mile out and 1 mile back (kind of lollipop shaped).  Cumulative elevation for the 100 miles will be approximately 11,000 feet.  There will be restroom facilities (port-a-johns) at the starting line/main aid station and on the course (please use these, not the bushes or trees). There will be one main aid station at the starting line that you will pass each loop.   We will be supplying some food and drinks, but because this Run D'Amore race is  a "fat ass" type event, you will need to plan and supply most of your main food and drink needs.

The course is a loop course with very gentle inclines and declines - a good one for a fast run.  The loop is paved and there is some hard packed trail next to it.  The out and back is trail with moderate climbing.  If it is hot - you will not find shade....bring your own.  If it is raining - you will not find shelter...bring your own.   Told you it was a Fat Ass type event.

All race distances have the same cut-off:  36 hours.   

More to come, but for now - start at 6:00am and we close the finish line 36 hours later.  Everything in between that will be up to you.

Undecided - probably an honor system, but we may come up with something else.  We were thinking of hiring someone from the local B&D Fetish societies to whip a slash mark on your back/butt at the end of each lap, but knowing how ultramarathoners love pain so much we decided we couldn't handle the flood of entry requests if we did that.   

Entry Fees:    
If you are independently wealthy and just want to write us RD's a huge check, we would not deny you that pleasure.

Entry Qualifications: 
Human or friendly aliens. Dogs, strollers, wheelchairs, etc. are permitted.   

If you have a canine friend with you - you MUST pick-up after the mutt or DQ in this and all future events.   If you litter you will be DQ'd in this and all other events.   Unfriendly people, unsupportive people, whiners, IRS agents and mean people need not apply.

Probably not allowed at the park, but since us RD's never checked - sure give it a try.