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Does the Run for Missions benefit Barclay College?


No it does not. The Run for Missions fundraiser benefits the Evangelical Friends Church Mid America Yearly Meeting “Run for Missions” Scholarship Fund. Since 2005, EFC-MAYM Missions Mobilizers Team have supervised a scholarship fund to grant scholarships to missions students. Their desire is to give affirmation and support to EFC-MAYM College and Graduate students responding to a “call” to missions, intending to serve on the Friends Mission Field within five years. Since the inception of this fund, all but one recipient of this scholarship have been from Barclay College.


The desire for the Missions Scholarship fund is that it grows substantially to become an endowment fund to relieve student loan debt for students headed to the Friends Missions field. Imagine a day when our church can take it to another level in supporting the work of missions, getting  behind our missionaries in financial support not only from the time they go to the field until they come home, but from the first day of their calling and throughout their schooling and education process! Lord willing, this day is becoming closer and closer to reality!


Wait!? 5K/10K/Half-Marathon and 100 miles? I’m so confused!


It’s okay, don’t be confused! There are now two separate things going on under the banner of the Run for Missions. Both events benefit the Run for Missions Scholarship Fund (see explanation above). The 5K, 10K, and Half-Marathon event is Saturday, October 31st and is open to the public. All proceeds benefit the scholarship fund. The 100 mile fundraiser run will start on a November date to be determined. You can run the whole 100 miles with Adam if you want, or you can join him for a few miles anywhere along the course.


Can kids run and/or walk in the 5K/10K or even the half-marathon?


Absolutely! Several kids ages 5 – 12 are already registered for the 5K. Parents can decide if their children can complete that distance and if so, get them signed up! They will enjoy the experience for sure. Please note that when you register any child 12 and younger to click “Sign in as a guest” when you register at ultrasignup.com and it will work great. This is due to federal privacy laws of storing info for anyone under 13. Also, if you need children’s size t-shirts, please just send me an email to let me know because only adult sizes are given on the website. Children’s sizes usually run approximately an extra $1 or so.


Are walkers welcome in the 5K/10K and half-marathon events?


Yes, any walkers are welcome. You have an hour to finish the 5K – so you can easily walk three sub-20 minute miles. You can have up to 2 hours to finish the 10K and 3 hours to finish the Half-Marathon.


Do you run the 100-mile race non-stop?


Yes, we do not stop to sleep, but instead keep going all day and all night, taking a little over 24 hours to complete the distance. We do, however, pause for just a few moments every 3-5 miles to fill up our water-bottles and grab a little food to eat along the way from our roving aid-station vehicle.  See the Run for Missions 2008 - 2014 reports.

Do you run the 100-mile race along Highway 54?


No, starting in 2008 the route goes west out of Wichita on 21st street which turns into county roads and continues west for about 60 miles. Then we set off on dirt roads, all north of highway 54 through Pratt County, winding our way down to Pratt. We cross through Pratt city limits, down to highway 54 and then take country roads north of 54 out of the west side of Pratt all the way to Haviland. The same course has been planned for 2012.

Who are the recipients of the scholarship?


The current recipients of this scholarship are EFC-MAYM college or graduate students intending to serve on a Friends mission field after graduation.  See 2011 recipients of this scholarship.

Can I give more or less than $100?


Yes, of course! Please give generously as you feel led, whether that is $10 or $10,000! In the past we have been given a gift of $2.65 from a Haviland second grade class and, on the other end, several gifts of $1,000 have also been given. Any amount is helpful and is greatly appreciated.

Can I run with you in the 100-mile race?


Yes, please do! 100-mile runs are challenging, long, and grueling and the more companionship and encouragement you receive along the way, the better. The most challenging part are miles 60 – 90ish, so if anybody is up for some slow running and wants to help set a good pace, it would be greatly appreciated. Contact adam@efcmaym.org to make arrangements for running. More specific details will be worked out in the weeks leading up to October 29th. You can run any distance with me - from one mile to fifty!  In fact, you can run the whole 100 miles if you will commit to helping with the fundraising process!


Will you do this again in 2014?


The 2014 Run for Missions 5K & 10K & Half-Marathon runs are tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 25, 2014 and the 100-mile fundraiser run with a date TBD.


Submit another question to: adam@efcmaym.org or call Adam Monaghan at (316) 734-4466.