Course Maps

The course will be open to runners and walkers for 2 hours for the 10K (6.2 miles) and 1 hour for the 5K (3.1 miles) and 3 hours in the Half-Marathon (13.1). 


The course in and around Haviland will be part pavement, part dirt roads, and even have a cross-country section (and then a country road loop for the second half of the 10K). The 5K and 10K will start together at 9:00 am, and the half-marathon at 8:00 am, in front of the Hockett Auditorium at Barclay College (half block east of Main Street on E. Elm Street in Haviland). The 5K course will go west on Elm to Main, north on Main to Sycamore and then follow the blue highlighted route marked by blue arrows (staying north of the railroad track the whole time) to the finish line in front of Hockett Auditorium. The 10K (and Half-Marathon) will split off about 2 blocks before the finish line, cross the sidewalk in front of Phillips Hall of Barclay College, and then continue east on Elm and follow the green highlighted route and green arrows for the country road loop to finish in at the same finish line in front of the Barclay gym. Please note that the 10K has a very fun cross-country section east of the Haviland Sewer Pond. This is a very runnable section through a double-track field access path/road. We’ll do our best to make sure it is as clear as possible but it is very runnable and only a short little section of higher grass – not to worry! On the day of the run, the course will be well marked by volunteers, signs, cones, and white flour-marked arrows on the ground. The course will have one water station in the 5K loop and one water station in the 10K section. Water will be available at the finish line as well. The courses have been measured by GPS technology. The race will be held regardless of weather but the course is subject to change depending on the weather. 


Note: Half-marathon Course follows 10K course with an additional 3.45 mile out and 3.45 mile back section just north of aid station #2 (intersection a mile north and a mile east of Haviland). Aid Station #2 also has a portable toilet. An additional aid-station (#3) with water an GU Energy Gels will be available for the half-marathon runners to hit twice (this totals six aid-stations on the course). Check in with a race official at the Half-Marathon turn around (an orange cone) by calling out your Bib Number.


Please contact Adam Monaghan with questions.

The first ever Run for Missions Kids & Family Fun Run will be held on the Barclay Campus at approximately 10:15am. This event will be a chance for families to run (or walk or push jogging strollers) for missions as well. Registration for this Kids & Family Fun Run will be free and registrations will be accepted race-day only – donations welcome, of course. All participants will receive a bib number and all finishers will get a finisher's ribbon. The course through the Barclay College campus will be about 0.4 miles (see map below). Anyone is welcome to participate in the Kids & Family Fun Run even as a second event.