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...because war criminals don't belong at Stanford.



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This page will contain information about how non-student members of the Stanford Community can prevent Stanford from hiring War Criminals.
Rumsfeld, torturers and killers are not wanted at Stanford.

Why did Stanford want to be known for hiring a known war criminal, and is there anything that could change Stanford's mind? Under President Reagan, Rumsfeld worked with Saddam, supplying him with chemical and biological agents, some of which would find their way into conventional weapons - with some even being used on the battlefield. What level of immorality, what level of racism, would be required to offer a dictator chemical weapons to suppress-by-murder Iraq's civilians? That is Stanford's Rumsfeld. The same guy who just got charged for war crimes in France.

This picture below is when Rumsfeld was Ronald Reagan's envoy to Iraq - when Reagan decided that Saddam wasn't such a bad guy after all - as long as he did what he was told. And Saddam was rewarded, with Reagan removing Iraq from the lists of 'Terror States'.

Stay tuned for a continuing stream of coverage of how Rumsfeld, instead of standing trial for war crimes, has been given a slot at Stanford University as a distinguished professor.

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Todd Davies' remarks at Stanford protest:
Remarks, "Say No to Rumsfeld" Rally, White Plaza, Stanford, November 8, 2007   text [.pdf] 
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