Welcome to the "new" RCE.  We are soooo excited for our new building.  As you walk through the building, you can learn about out building by reading this website.  On this home page, you can see some student projects produced and created by fifth grade students.  After walking through the building and perusing this site, we hope you feel our excitement for the new space.  We loved the "old" Rummel Creek, but we're excited to have the beautiful new building.  Even with the new space, the spirit of the Rummel Creek Roadrunners will keep marching along!
From This.......new facade in 2001.....to.......

To our Beautiful ALL NEW RCE!

A little background on RCE.  Rummel Creek Elementary was first built in 1962 on land that was given to SBISD from the Rummel Family.  The Rummel Family had settled on the banks of what we now know as Rummel Creek.  For more information on the Rummels, please visit St. Peter's church on the corner of Long Point and Campbell.  In the vestibule of the church you will find photos of the Rummel Family.  More information about Rummel Creek and SBISD can be found in this article.  

Rummel Creek has always been a community with a family feel.  From it's inception in 1962, the community has rallied around the school, supported the teachers and worked together to make the neighborhood outstanding.  Over the years the neighborhood has changed, much as the school has changed.  This new building nicely fits in the community surrounding it with the limestone construction and beautiful landscape.

Inside the building you will find activity.  Students working with math manipulatives, integrating technology, exploring in the Science Lab and enjoying long walks on the track that outlines the playground.  This new building will provide all the space we need for creative learning.  Come back and visit after we've been here a while!
We are looking for former Roadrunners.  Please share this link with former students and staff members who have been at RCE.  We'd love to catch up with former students, staff and PTA parents.

To read about the construction and see photos from the very beginning including demolition - check out our blog:  Rummel Creek


Rummel Creek has had four principals during it's lifetime.  At our 50th Celebration, all four principals were able to meet and pose for a photo.

Dr. Mary McMillan, Shirley Hale Lincoln, Nancy Harn and Bill Burger

Shirley Bayless Hale Lincoln was the first principal at Rummel Creek beginning in 1962.  She remained until 2000.  Nancy Harn will be the first principal in the "New Rummel Creek."

Quick video tour of the NEW RCE - photos from early December.

See more videos created by students

Some stories about our New Building