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Good but not great..Overcoming the Indian " Chalta hai"syndrome through Personal Agility

posted 26 Sept 2013, 07:11 by Madhur Kathuria   [ updated 26 Sept 2013, 07:18 ]
Yes yes , umpteen authors have written kilos of pages debating on this topic and the anti-outsourcing doyens will be singing paeans' one too many about how India and Indians are so downmarket , quality haters and just take everything for granted..This rumbling is not about what we already know about, this is about how we can change one and for all.
Let's accept it, we are the quintessential 99% achievers. We settle for something simpler, easier and cheaper even though it might not be the best..And than if the things don't look good, we love to rant to about it.

This is the first attitude which should be targeted.. NO compromises ...in life, at work, with people..Easier said then done, ain't it. So lets think one step at a time

Step 1: Detox your mind..
Every morning when you wake up, just repeat this line in your head: I won't take anything for granted today . Like the quintessential gayatri mantra, repeating a simple principal , every day will train your body and mind for the inevitable , the WIN

Step 2: write down an aim
Simple. Take 2 sheets of paper( may be more if you want) and a pen.
On one sheet, Write down something you want to achieve in next three months in big bold letters. Yes in legible font 42
Now put this paper wherever your see this first thing in the morning ( yes, howsoever gross that may sound, it can be in your bathroom too)
Repeat the same with other sheets of paper and put at your work place, your car wherever you would like to get reminded of your goal.
( Psst: don't be shy of stares and laughs from you friends and colleagues and wifey dearest , this goal is for your better future...and you know how important it is)

Step 3: Planning
Ok. time to think deeper.

Think about 3  tasks which you need to complete in order to achieve your goal. You need to complete these in next week.so think small..., . Write them down , on a stickie, just below the goal.

Step 4:Plan you day
Take one stickie from your tasks and think what're you gonna be doing today to complete the task. And start working ...your normal routine, your work but that one thing in mind

Step 5: End you day
Think what you achieved today and have a peaceful night's sleep.

Step 6: Repeat
Repeat steps 1-5 everyday, every month , every year.

I know my thoughts are rumbling more now...but I rest the first case....A simple way to be the 100% and not remain the underachiever

And yes I even thought of a fancy name for my philosophical rumblings, I call them " Personal Agility ".

Off to sleep on my intercontinental flight now while the "Personal Agile Manifesto" cooks in my head.

Auf Wiedersehen!!!!