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Cabinet Construction

*Lower cabinet (Body)*

This is the easiest part by far. Tha cabinet is basicly just two boxes.


  • 1 48"x96" sheet of 1/4" wood (you can use plywood or MDF)
  • 1 bottle of wood glue
  • 1 box of air nails (i used 1 1/2" nails)
  • Skill saw
  • Air nailer ( just a finish nailer will do)
  • Clamps

The air nails are optional they are easier to use than screws on the smaller size wood. You can purchase the air nail gun from Harbor Freight for about $20 and the aircompressor too shouldn't break the bank. You can also use anything you like to cut the angle with, I have skill saw with a finishing blade in it but a jig saw or roto zip works just as well.

If you buy the wood at lowes or Home Depot you can get them to cut it for you like I did it makes the cuts straighter and the boxes go together easier. The upper and lower cabinets can be cut from one sheet of wood so if you are having the wood cut for you make sure that you take the measurments from the upper cabinet with you.

The wood for the lower cabinet:

  • 16 1/4" x 36" two of these for the sides
  • 17" x 11" for the front
  • 17" x 15 3/4" for the back
  • 17" x 36" for the bottom
  • 17" x 5" for the top under the head

Before you begin you are going to need to clamp the two sides together and cut the angle out, what I did was used a piece of 1x2 that I planed to use later on the playfield as a guide and measured from the bottom front up 11 1/2" and from the back top forward 5 1/2" and cut the angle out. Now each saw is different and you have to make sure that you that whatever you are using for a guide is striaght or else the angle is going to be off. Now you are ready to start puting the cabinet together. Nail or screw and glue every surface and don't skimp on the number of nails if that is what you are using and use your clamps to get a strong hold with the glue, how much care you take now will later pay off when you put the graphics on because if your edges don't line up then it will show through and look like crap. Click on the picture to the left to see how the cabinet pieces go together. As you can see the lower cabinet is realy simple to put together, now on to the head.


*Upper cabinet (Head)*

The upper cabinet is just another box here are the cuts for it:

  • 6 1/2" x 20" cut two of these for the sides
  • 20" x 20" for the back
  • 6 1/2" x 21" for the top
  • 4 1/2" x 20" for the bottom

Again it goes together the same way as the lower cabinet, clamp the two sides together and measure from the bottom back corner forward 5 1/2" to the front lay your guide down from the top front corner to the mark at 5 1/2" at the bottom and cut your angle. Use the picture on the right to see how the upper cabinet goes together.

Pretty simple so far isn't it. I have a Zizzle pinball machine around that I tore apart and stripped all the parts out of, so for the cabinet you are going to need the flipper buttons, the legs, the tee nuts that hold the legs on (just use a punch and knock them out of the wood). When you take all of these parts off make sure that you dont destroy the flipper button cutouts they come in handy later on.































Lower Cabinet construction






Upper Cabinet construction