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Ravana is 28 node cluster used for RUMBA analyses and has:
  • 25 dual AMD Opteron nodes 1.4GHz (10 nodes - Opteron 240)
    • MainNode: ravana (8GB RAM)
    • node2-node10 (5GB RAM) 1.6GHz (15 nodes - Opteron 242)
    • node11-node25 (6GB RAM) 2 dual-core Opteron nodes 2.2GHz - Opteron 275.
    • node26,node27 (12GB RAM)
  • 1 dual CPU Itanium (ia64) [itanix]
  • 1 dual-core Opteron 270, 2GB RAM [raider] OS
All nodes are running amd64 (Debian GNU/Linux).
Some nodes (node26,27) have i386 chroot environment setup
(just ssh to port 2222). Originally it was sid (unstable) distribution but
now it is stable one (etch) with few backports manually built from lenny
or sid packages (e.g. git-core)\n\nBesides AMD ia32 compatible nodes
it includes a single dual-CPU Itanium 2 node (900MHz) with 8GB of RAM
(it is present in the network under the name "itanix")

All nodes run Debian GNU/Linux distribution to enjoy the
beauty of  "correct" package management and easy updates.
FAI was used for effective automatic cluster installation. Further
configuration of the cluster is maintained using cfengine v2
which helps to bring peace of mind in system administration.
BackupPC is used to perform daily backups of the cluster onto
NAS RAID5. Torque (AKA PBS)+Maui Scheduler are used to
manage the power of the cluster. MPI and PVM options are also
present to provide trully parallel computing power.