2017-2018 Colloquia

 For more information, please contact the current colloquium organizers: 

  • Yu Cao (yc825@linguistics.rutgers.edu)
  • Shiori Ikawa (shiori.ikawa@rutgers.edu)
  • Eileen Blum (eileen.blum@rutgers.edu)
Spring 2018 Talks




January 23

 Ryan Bochnak

 Temporal interpretation in complement clauses: The view from Washo, an optional tense language

February 2

Andries Coetzee

Radically Individualized Linguistic Competence

February 6

 Yimei Xiang

Complete and true: Attitudes held of questions

February 9

Greg Scontras

Property noise and ambiguity resolution: The case of stubborn distributivity

February 13

 Yasutada Sudo

How scalar implicatures and presuppositions interact

February 16

Susi Wurmbrand

ECM cross-linguistically — Consequences for the A/A’-distinction, Case and clause reduction

February 27

 Prerna Nadathur

Necessity, sufficiency, and actuality: causal dependence in implicative inferences

March 2

Mariapaola D'Imperio

Language-specific prosodic parsing: a window into the nature of phonological and phonetic category learning

March 9

Elliott Moreton

Featural-simplicity biases in phonological learning


Fall 2017 Talks




October 20

Craige Roberts

De se semantics for indexicals

November 3

Juliette Stanton

Constraints on contrast motivate nasal cluster dissimilation

December 15

Thomas Graf

One reason to move, a million reasons to be an island: Third-factor explanations from computational syntax