NISI MASA, a non-profit organisation based at 99, rue du faubourg Saint-Denis 75010 PARIS, FRANCE, organises a call for scripts in the frame of European Short Pitch‘s project with the aim to support the development of young European short films to get their work produced in the framework of a European coproduction.


1.1  - Participants

From 15/05/2010, the call for script 2010 is open to any person whose nationality or country of residency, on the day he/she sends his/her candidature, is of one of the following countries: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

He/she must be between 18 and 28 years of age on the closing date of the call for scripts, 31/07/2010.

1.2  - Procedures and sending the scripts

Persons wishing to participate must send a file containing the following articles, to the NISI MASA group located in their own country, before the closing date of the call for scripts (31/07/2010, evidenced by the date of dispatch, the postmark or the date of the deposit slip):

- 1 application form, fully completed.

- 1 typed and stapled copy of the script (containing the title, the name of the author and address on the front page) that the competitor wishes to submit to the jury.

The number of original scripts being limited to one per participant (see detailed conditions below). The common scriptwriting format and general rules must be respected.

- 1 copy of the script as an RTF (rich text format) file sent by e-mail to the national NISI MASA group. Any incomplete file will be rejected, and the corresponding application subsequently cancelled. The author can also add an intention note of one page maximum, describing the reasons why he/she wrote the script and the aesthetic motivation.

By sending his/her script the scriptwriter agrees with the NISI MASA European Short Pitch Call for scripts 2010’s rules.

1.3  -  Scripts

Scripts must meet the following conditions:

- scripts must be written in one of the official languages of the call for scripts: Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, Estonian, Finnish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, or Turkish. (Please consider that the script must be judged by the jury of the national NISI MASA group, so preferably send it in the language of your country or in English.)

- scripts must be typed and must not exceed 20 000 characters (including punctuation marks and spaces).

- scripts must be entirely original; borrowing, in any way whatsoever, of any pre-existing work protected by copyright or any other legal protection, or violating the rights of third parties in any way whatsoever is not permitted.



In each country where the call for scripts 2010 takes place, the local NISI MASA group will constitute a jury to proceed with the selection of from one to three scripts, which will be allowed to compete on an international level according to the conditions described in article 3 below.

This national jury will comprise, under the mandate of NISI MASA, of a group of at least three

persons, all 18 to 35 years of age, who will be charged to choose from one to three scripts for the final international selection process. One or two professionals could be also invited to take part to the national selection committee.

The national juries will finalise their selections between the closing date of the call for scripts (31/07/2010) and the closing date of selection (05/09/2010).This selection will come about through a decision involving all the members of the national jury, after discussions on the presented scripts. The juries will not have to account for their choice and their decision will be final.

The finalist scripts thus chosen by each national jury will be submitted in English to NISI MASA European Office on the closing date of the selection (05/09/20010) at the latest. The translation of the script will be made by the scriptwriter with the support of the national organisation.



NISI MASA will then form an international jury, consisting of two board members, one person of the European Office of NISI MASA, two established film professionals (producers, directors, scriptwriters, critics, etc.). One board member could be replaced by a NISI MASA organisation leader appointed by the European Office and the board members.

The members of the international jury will debate and select the 25 European scripts, which will participate in the European Short Pitch. Among the participants from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Russia and Turkey, two scripts will be selected.

The deliberations of the international jury are collective and secret. The deliberations will be finalised and made official on the official NISI MASA website ( and announced to the press at the beginning of November. The jury will not have to account for their choice and their decision will be final.

The winners will be personally informed of their designation by mail. NISI MASA will not send back the copies of the scripts to participants.



The 25 selected scriptwriters- directors will participate in the European Short Pitch workshop held in 2011. All the workshops will be held in English.

The European Short Pitch is a combination of 2 sessions. One for workshop in residency where the scriptwriters have the chance to work on their scripts with the help of 5 professional tutors and one to pitch their scripts to invite producers, commissioning editors and distributors.

The aim is to develop the European production of short films through the development and promotion of projects starting from the phase of writing, through meetings between scriptwriters, directors and producers on a European level.

The scriptwriting session will take place from the 10th to the 15th of January 2011 at the Moulin d’Andé-Céci (writing residency in France), and the pitching session will take place in March (place to be confirmed).

The accommodation and the travel costs (up to a certain amount that will be communicated later) of the 25 selected participants will be paid by NISI MASA up to a certain amount. A participation fee will be requested: 500 euros for EU countries residents (except Romania and Bulgaria) and for Croatia residents; 250 euros for Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Russia and Turkey residents.

If the films are produced, they will have to mention in their credits (both beginning and ending) the following sentence: “DEVELOPED AT EUROPEAN SHORT PITCH, A NISI MASA PROJECT SUPPORTED BY THE MEDIA PROGRAMME”, as well as the NISI MASA logo.

In agreement with the producing organization(s), NISI MASA will have the right to show the films produced within the frame of its activities.



5.1 - Publication of the rules

The present rules, as well as potential modifications, will be published on the official NISI MASA website,, in the section dedicated to European Short Pitch.

5.2 - Responsibility of the organizer

As organizer of the call for scripts 2010, NISI MASA guarantees that the call will take place in accordance to the present rules.

NISI MASA reserves all rights to change the rules and regulations at any time without any prior notification.

5.3 - Computers and Rights

In accordance with the French 06/01/1978 law related to computers, files and rights, the participants of the call are informed that, unless they expressly oppose it, the personal data appearing in the applying forms and all appending files will be exclusively used for the organisation of the Call for scripts – European Short Pitch and subsequent call for scripts, NISI MASA being their only addressee.

All participants have, according to article 34 and following in the aforesaid law, the right to access, communicate and modify the nominal data concerning themselves.

5.4 – Appendices

The appendices are considered as being part of the present rules.

5.5 – Language

The official languages of the call for scripts are those detailed in paragraph 1.3. Any script written in another language will be rejected from the call for scripts.

These rules could be available in different language versions. In case of a controversial interpretation and/or application of the different versions, the English version will prevail.

5.6 - Applicable Law

The present rules, as well as all possible disputes related to it, directly or indirectly, are governed by French law.

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