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The ruler can have one of two orientations:
  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical
You may set the orientation via the Options Dialogue Box, which can be brought up by right-clicking anywhere on the ruler and choosing "Options" or using the Ctrl + O key combination.

The orientation can be set using the radio-buttons in the Orientation group box on the middle right part of the dialogue.  Click the option you want to set, say "Horizontal".  The ruler should change its orientation to horizontal (assuming it was vertical when you did this).  Click OK or Esc to close the Options Dialogue Box.

You may also set the orientation without using the Options Dialogue box by using the F2 Function key.  The key acts as a toggle, so pressing it twice returns you to the original orientation.

You may spawn additional rulers (which initially have an opposite orientation) using Ctrl + N.  The rulers are independent of each other (moving one will not move the other).  The characteristics of the last ruler closed are saved when they are closed.

 Ctrl + N