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Check out the tutorial here
When working with images, it is important to be able to set the colours of the ruler so that they are clearly visible.  The programme offers users the option of setting the following colours:
  1. Background colour
  2. Border colour
  3. Tick colour
  4. Font colour (allows additional options)
To set colours, you must first bring up the Options Dialogue Box.  You do this by right-clicking anywhere on the ruler or using the Ctrl + O key combination.

The colours may be set using the radio-buttons in the Colours group box on the left of the dialogue.  Click the option you want to set, say "Background colour".  A colour dialogue appears, with the current background colour selected.  Pick the new background colour and click OK to close the colour dialogue box.  Click OK to close the Options Dialogue Box.

Follow the same procedure to set any of the other colours.

Make sure to watch the tutorial here.