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Using the Mouse

To resize the ruler, hover the mouse over the edge of the ruler that you want to resize.  The cursor changes to to indicate that the ruler can be resized. You may resize both the height and the width simultaneously if you resize using the corners of the ruler.

Click with the left mouse button and drag in either direction to size the ruler.  Release the left mouse button when the ruler is the appropriate size.

The height of a horizontal ruler and the width of a vertical ruler can be increased only up to a point.  Note that the font automatically increases as the ruler height (for a horizontal ruler) or ruler width (for a vertical ruler) increases.

Using the Keyboard

The ruler can be resized using the keyboard using the '>' and '<' keys.  Every time one of these keys is pressed, the ruler increases or decreases in size by 1 pixel.

To resize the ruler in larger increments, use the Alt + > or the Alt + < key combination.  This increases or decreases the ruler size by 20.

Shift+ >
Shift+ >
 Alt + >
Alt + <