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The programme can be closed using any one of the following ways:
  1. by hitting the Esc key (make sure the ruler is the active window)
  2. by middle-clicking on the ruler
  3. by middle-clicking on the icon in the system tray
  4. by right-clicking on the ruler tab in the Windows task bar and choose Close.
  5. by the Alt + F4 key combination (not recommended: make sure the ruler is the active window)

Tip: When using Alt + F4, ensure that the ruler is the active window or you may end up closing the active window and losing your work.  Learn to use the Esc key instead.

In all cases, the on-screen ruler saves the current state before exiting, so it looks the same when you restart the programme.  If multiple rulers are active, the last ruler's settings are saved on exit.

Tip: The Esc key can also close the Options Dialogue Box

 Alt + F4
 middle click