Latest Release


All functionality of the previous versions has maintained or modified slightly as listed below - this is a list of incremental changes. Please see the development version for features planned for the next version.
  • Default Colour
  • Size
    • Dramatic size reduction - < 750 KB zipped, < 2.3 MB unzipped
  • Translations
    • English (United Kingdom, Canada, USA)
    • French, Spanish, Dutch
  • Miscellaneous
    • Right-click menu provides Options, Help and Exit
    • Update check times out in 2 sec if internet connection is unavailable or prohibited
    • Eliminated resize flickering
    • Tutorials

Development Version

(No further development planned)
  • New Translations
    • German
    • Bulgarian (see FAQ for work-around)
  • ¬†New Functionality
    • Ctrl + O brings up the options dialogue
    • Ctrl + T opens Shortcuts page in browser
    • F6 toggles Snap to screen edges
    • Middle click to exit programme
    • Resize ruler in both directions
    • Resize ruler using >, Alt+> combinations
    • Automatically increase font with ruler size
    • Set font properties
    • Icon in system tray
  • Minor Bug Fixes
    • Tiny memory leak fixed
    • Using quoted paths to ensure browser gets started reliably
  • Minor interface changes
    • Stay on top option
    • Marker visible option
    • Snap to screen edge option
    • Right-click menu provides link to Shortcuts page
    • File size shown in options dialogue
    • CRC32 shown on options dialogue