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What is this website, and why is it for you?

This website is a place for Baseball Coaches – at any level, from Little League to the Pros and everywhere in between – to gain knowledge of how to gain a competitive edge by learning a few basic rules that are often misunderstood by Coaches, Players and even Umpires.

This is NOT a site to help you teach your players how to hit, throw and field better.  There are already several outstanding sites on the web and a plethora of educational resources available for this.  Feel free to take a look at our Coaching Resources for some DVDs, books and more that can help you, or browse our Links page for other Baseball Coaching related sites.

There are a few different sections of this site you may want to browse:

Rule Misconceptions – These are a few rules that many Baseball Coaches, players and even some less experienced Umpires may think are different than they actually are.    You should know and teach your players these rules correctly, regardless of how any particular local Umpire may enforce them, to give your player an edge as they progress throughout their careers, and to keep from sounding foolish when you go to talk to Umpires.

Get the Edge!  – This is a section on rules that you should learn and teach your players, that may very well be the difference between winning and losing a game.  Some of these are so basic that you’d think even Little Leaguers are sure to know but sometimes even MLB players get confused by them and it can cost their team runs, games and may be what keeps them from advancing to a Championship Series  (see comment at end obstruction page)
Blog - Covering an assortment of Baseball rule related topics, including how to deal with Umpires. 

Coaching Resources - An assortment of DVDs, books and other Baseball Coaching aids, from the basics for beginner Coaches to more advanced tools for the more experienced ones.  

Links – An assortment of valuable links for Baseball Coaches at all levels. 

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