student stuff is a comprehensive online database offering solved Question papers and value-added services. By following student stuff's solved papers, an average student can get brilliant results and a good one may achieve heights of excellence.

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A student who does well in examinations is regarded as intelligent, hardworking or both. It is necessary to be intelligent and hardworking in order to do well in examinations but few realize that there is much more to success in examinations than merely being hardworking and intelligent. There are a number of other measures and techniques required to do well.

student stuff has solved question papers which are used by many JNTU engineering students to study effectively and score the highest marks in various written examinations. Students who read this website will have a clear advantage in examinations as compared to those who do not. It is highly recommended for any student who wants to improve his performance and results substantially.

Most examinations follow a pattern that they repeat year after year. Knowing the pattern in advance gives you an edge. It prepares you psychologically for the exam. An additional bonus and pleasant surprise is a question that is repeated from a previous examination or one that is only a slight variation of an old question. In order to acquire these considerable advantages, subscribe to student stuff.

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