How acutely he understands what the instruments can do outside of their traditional environments…Haydnesque musical punning

There are great sounds here.  The CD, Ray conducted, received a 5-star evaluation both for performance and recording.

------ Canadian Music Magazine OPUS

winter 2004, Pages 26-27


他敏锐地知道如何获得器乐传统范围之外的一词多意, 同音异义的效果-(他的CD) 有绝妙的声音, 音响CD 获评本年度演奏及录音双五星级

------ 摘自加拿大著名音乐杂志 [OPUS] 2004年冬季刊


It is complex enough to require a conductor, and Rui Shi Zhuo’s deft baton technique ensured the cohesiveness of the performance.

------ Canadian Music Newspaper The Georgia Straight

June 20-27, 1996.


Where so many cross-cultural fusions fail, Vancouverite Zhuo’s works for Western and Chinese instruments succeed through their creative honesty. All 7 pieces on this debut CD buzz with an urgency only new musical dialogue can bring 
Newspaper The PROVINCE ranked my CD as 4 STARS 5

Sept. 14, 2004


(该作品)对指挥者的要求非常复杂, 但卓汭仕灵巧的指挥棍技巧, 确保了演出极强的内聚力.”

------ 摘自加拿大乔治坦诚报(著名音乐报) 1996/6.20


This is Rui Shi (Ray) Zhuo’s personal website.

Rui Shi Zhuo was born in China in 1956. He received a Bachelor of Music degree from Shanghai Conservatory in 1986 and moved to Canada in 1991 to study composition at the University of British Columbia with Keith Hamel and Stephen Chatman. He received a Master of Music degree from UBC in 1995. Zhuo has composed music for Chinese and Western ensembles, a sacred cantata and a concert opera, and several works for solo and chamber groups. As well, he writes music for film and other media and is the composer of the soundtrack for the National Film Board animated film The Chinese Violin and for the CDRom game Lotus Spring.

In here you will find information about Ray as a conductor and a composer as well as samples of his work.