Welcome to Ruin Your Eyes
by Gregg Pearlman

This is the Ruin Your Eyes website, as opposed to the blog. This is where you’ll find articles I write on various topics, including sports, television, movies, music, food, and whatever else might come to mind. If you’ve spent much time with EEEEEE! during its long-ago heyday, or even Almost EEEEEE!, a blog that has never really had a heyday, you’ll know that I’m not much of a “snippet” kind of guy. So I hope you’ll bear with me as I try to figure out what this site is going to be. It’s been a long process, which means I haven’t done much with it.

This is a Google Site, which—to me, anyway—means that it’s not all that intuitive when it comes to putting it together. I still can’t figure out quite how to put only the stuff I want in the navigation bar on the left... hence its current absence. So for now, just use “Baseball,” “TV,” and “Stuff About Stuff” boxes at the top.

EEEEEE! readers from way back will note the lack of much baseball material: just two articles so far, and none since the Giants won their second World Championship in two years, way back in 2012. That doesn’t mean there won’t be more, just that there isn’t. And there’s only one silly little “Stuff About Stuff” piece so far. Mostly what I’ve concentrated on is the “TV” section, specifically The Prisoner, both the original, classic, great series and AMC’s reworked offering of 2009.

Early in this millennium I worked on what I hoped would be a book on The Prisoner, and there’s a lotta lotta stuff. I ended up scrapping the project because so many others were coming up with similar work, but since I hated seeing my printout (with 736 Post-It Notes sticking out of the binder) sitting in my closet, I decided to offer it up here.