Course Activity 1.3: Linear Functions

Objectives: To recognize the rate of change characteristics of linear, concave up and concave down functions.

Preliminaries/Lead-In:   Before they start this activity it is a good idea to motivate why we measure how a function changes with the rate of change formula (rise/run).  (Mairead does it during Activity 1.2, I do it after Activity 1.2.)  Why not just measure with rise?  I usually do this with two lines drawn on a graph paper - same rise, but different runs.  We note rise same - I ask them if they would characterize two lines as growing at same rate? - they wouldn't say those two lines were growing at the same rate.  The one that reached the rise in a shorter run is steeper, grew, rise has to be measured relative to run.  Hence, the ratio.
Definition listed on the first page of Activity 1.3 for data and for function.  I have them go back to some 1.2 data and calculate some rates of change - we talk about it - then they are ready for Activity 1.3.

Suggested Procedures: I will probably send them away with the first 9 questions of this activity as homework. I may have a brief discussion of rate of change first. Then the beginning of next day I will come back and talk to them about what they got for those questions. I will make sure to emphasize the connection between the graph, the rate of change pattern and the labeling of linear, concave up and concave down. Then I will have them work on question 10 in small groups for around 10-15 minutes.

I will collect the whole worksheet but probably only grade the last question.

Possible Homework:

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Mairead Greene,
Aug 29, 2009, 6:58 PM
Mairead Greene,
Aug 29, 2009, 6:58 PM