35 YEARS CULTURAL FREE HAVEN RUIGOORD 1973-2008 and counting….

In 2008 Ruigoord celebrates its 35th anniversary in which the current free-haven has succeeded to survive - and above all - to evolve from being a free-range place on the outskirts of town into Art Port. To celebrate all of this a lasting exhibition will be taking place in the vicarage in Ruigoord portraying the past 35 years.

Non-conformists, self-willed romantic idealists, builders of castles in the air, spiritual anarchists, surrealists; these are the associations that spring to mind with the name Ruigoord. For Ruigoord all of these conceptions are bound up with engagement: power to the imagination!

Ruigoord is not a temporary enterprise, nor is it a traveling urban-circus or summer-festival, but it is rather a permanent green cultural outer-space in a large urbanized area. Of steady value to the city dweller, the cultural omnivore and a part of the clubbing crowd. A green cultural free-haven, a source of inspiration, innovation and initiative!


All festivities this year pertain towards 35 years Cultural Free-Haven Ruigoord!

VURIGE TONGEN (poetry festival)                          10,11,12 May

REGGAEFESTIVAL                                               31 May, 1 June

EXCHANGE WITH CHRISTIANIA                             7 t/m 20 July

RUIGOORDREDE (annual speech)                            replaced towards sunday 7-th of Sept.

LANDJUWEEL (Village Jewel)                                 14, 15, 16, 17 August

OPEN STUDIOS                                                   6/7, 13/14 September  

                                                                       with on sunday 7 Ruigoordrede

                                                                       and opening exhibition NIELS HAMEL


VURIGE TONGEN – (Speaking-in-Tongues festival) is full of poetry, music, theatre during the 10th,11th and the 12th of May 2008 (Pentacost)
Utopists, psychonauts, outsiders and artists, are of all times and corners of the globe. The Vurige Tongen festival is the meeting place par excellence for impassioned people. For this special occasion more than 60 groups and artist will perform. Amongst which Hans Verhagen, Jean-Pierre Rawie, Tosca Niterink, La Pat, Gylan Kain, Freek de Jonge, A New Cool Collective, Bob Fosko and the Russian Chamber Choir.
"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing..."
The annual Ruigoord trophy will be given this year to Willem de Ridder, a famous – or notorious – founding father of the Dutch underground, also known for his magical stories (in Dutch – sorry!) will feature in our church. This is the 6th time the trophy is awarded to an artist who has selflessly preached the Free Word in Ruigoord. The other ‘honorary citizens’ so far are Ira Cohen, L.Th.Lehmann, Def P., Diana Ozon and Simon Vinkenoog. Naturally their ‘speaking tongues’ will be speaking again.

The entire Pentecost weekend (a Dutch public holiday) one may camp out in Ruigoord. The atmosphere is relaxed and high, good food and drinks, low decibels. Also young people will find lots to do. A passé partout for 3 days is only 30 euro, in the pre-sale 25 euro. Camping is for free, children up until 15 are free of admission. See furthermore: www.vurigetongen.nl



International exchange between two up till now besieged primal free-places, focusing on and around art, culture, backgrounds and debate.


RUIGOORDREDE (Keynote speech) -wednesday 23 July

On the exact day that 35 years ago the key of the church was given into the hands of the villagers of today we celebrate this occasion with a keynote speech by a selected celebrity. The speaker will be (not known yet)

Former Ruigoord orators: H.J.A. Hofland 1993, 2nd Bram van de Swaan 1994, 3rd M. Bierman 1995, 4th Prof Dr A. Heertje 1996, 5th R. v.d. Ploeg 1997, 6th Gerrit Komrij 2003, 7th Dominee Gremdaat 2006 See furthermore: www.ruigoord.nl


LANDJUWEEL FESTIVAL– Whole new soft-focus concept this year! 14, 15, 16, 17 August 2008

The 35th anniversary of the Cultural Free-haven also marks an alchemist transmutation of our largest and most encompassing festival, the Land Jewel. It will shift from the field around the village into the village itself, and will therefore grow in intimacy which will spark fresh inspiration. We strive towards a complete face-lift of the entire village. Who ever wants to be seduced or who feels challenged in to being a part of this magical happening is required to sign up in advance - for obvious reasons. For up to date info.: www.landjuweelfestival.nl 


OPENBARE WERKEN – (‘Public Works’ ) Two Open Studio weekends 2nd- en 3rd weekend of September

Ruigoord is firmly rooted in topical reality precisely by withdrawing from delusion of the time&madness of the day, a garden for the Homo Ludens of Amsterdam. 

There is no other place where the development of artist studios is so directly linked to larger production and presentation places as the church & vicarage, the large barn, or in the salon, hotel, tavern or gallery. 

Ruigoord is an initiative of artists, a breeding place avant la lettre: where artists and the culture minded may organize everything autonomously. Where artist work and share in the responsibility of shaping and maintaining Ruigoord. Thus offering an vibrant a adventurous cultural program including presentations of local art and that of others. 


with on sunday 7: Ruigoordrede and opening exhibition NIELS HAMEL


Stichting Landjuweel (The Landjuweel foundation):

Ruigoord 76, 1047 HH Amsterdam, 020-4975702, ruigoord@xs4all.nl, www.ruigoord.nl