At present, we live in a world of dwindling resources, tottering economies, cut-throat competition, conflict, lawlessness, violence and environmental disasters. As a result, life is a constant struggle, ridden by stress, anxiety and disharmony. Hence the need for a sound, holistic education that not only teaches professional skills  but also imparts valuable life-skills, including wholesome ways of dealing with negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, jealousy etc. ‘The Centre for  Mindfulness and Well-being’ hopes to address the latter need and help learners relate meaningfully to themselves as well as the world. The Centre will carry out several activities, drawing on world wisdom books in general and Indian Knowledge Systems in particular. The common thread underlying these activities will be ‘Mindfulness’ or aloof, attentive, deep awareness whereby the learner can integrate ‘head, heart and hands’ and experience inner harmony and positivity while facing life’s challenges. Learners will be encouraged and enabled to develop qualities such as patience, trust, openness, acceptance, contentment, gratitude, gentleness, empathy, generosity, compassion etc. Several studies in India and abroad have shown the importance of developing mindfulness. The Mindfulness-based stress reduction programs of this Centre hope to enhance the learner’s stress-management, hardiness and coherence, resulting in an overall feeling of wellness. Though designed primarily for the students and faculty of Ramnarain Ruia College, it will also be open to the public at large.