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The scrum

The most important thing is to keep possession so it’s best to use whatever tactic works for your team.  But one of the key elements to help you keep possession is to control the stability of the scrum and with a firm base. The opposition may use a number of techniques to disrupt your scrum and it’s worth reading the defensive section so you better understand what you may be up against. If you can keep the scrum tidy and hold a strong platform your scrum half will have an easier pass which will help you keep possession.

Putting the ball in

There are two options when putting the ball in the scrum, the ball needs to go down the middle of the channel formed by the two teams so any advantage you can take to ensure your hooker is ready will help. The first is to put the ball in as soon as the players engage. The opposition hooker might not be ready giving your player a free strike. The other option is to wait for your player to tap to signify he is ready.

On the oppositions ball (Defensive team)

The goal of the defensive team is to make things difficult for the opposition, hopefully enough to cause them to loose possession by stealing their ball from a knock on or infringement. There are various ways for achieving this including the pressure from your scrum half or one of the following;

Moving off the ball

If your three players in the scrum take a step backwards when the ball is put in it will seem as if the ball shoots out the back of the scrum. This will put pressure on the scrum half who might not be expecting the ball so quickly and with extra pressure from your scrum half you could win the ball or force them to make an error.

Wheeling the scrum

By coordinating your players to push up on one side and give ground on the other, the scrum will rotate left or right. Moving the scrum in a particular direction could create a difficult pass for their scrum half and give your scrum half a greater chance of disrupting the pass. For example if all the offensive team are lined up on the left and you wheel the scrum right the scrum half will have a harder pass and be exposed to your scrum half.


Mainly used in 15’s but if all players in the scrum from your team take a step left or right your scrum will rotate creating the same affect as above.