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The kick-off

Step 1: Players line up to the side where the ball will be kicked. The 3 forwards on the far side to challenge for the ball with the scrum half  behind the forwards to move the ball away from the contact area.

Step 2: A short kick provides the best chance of getting the ball back. The kicker has kicked the ball short and high to give players time to get under the ball.

The forwards challenge for the ball, one nominates to jump for the ball to try and catch or disrupt the opposition. One forward stays behind the ball to support the player contesting the ball and be there for a short tap back. One forward runs past the ball to block the opposition tapping the ball back and to isolate the player from the opposition catching the ball.

Step 3. The 2 backs run round to block the opposition into one side of the pitch. The kicker stays back as a sweeper and organizes the front line. The scrum half trails the forwards for a pass back and to move the ball away from the forwards.

In some cases teams may use the scrum half as a sweeper and the kicker will press in attack. There are benefits of both styles. If the kicker moves up in attack it creates more pressure on the opposition. If the kicker drops back to sweep there in a good position for the scrum half to pass to if the forwards regain the ball.