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Vision drill

This sevens rugby vision drill is for developing your teams vision and puts them in an unfamiliar situation and so encourages communication. Create a marked area using cones roughly 5 meters by 5 meters. If you have 10 players start with 5 in the marked area who will be your defenders. The other 5 players take up positions around the marked area but a reasonable distance away so they can catch the ball without the defenders getting to them as shown below. 

Start by kicking the ball to one of the attacking players, shown in red above. When the player catches the ball this signals the start of the game. The attacking players can run in any direction and pass in any direction there is no offside. The aim of the attacking team is to successfully pass the ball to a player in the marked area without the ball being intercepted by a defender. Players can run with the ball in hand but they must not get touched with the ball in their possession or the game starts again.

The defending players can move to mark an attacking player when the first player has caught the ball from the coach. They can't hold or trap an attacking player their aim is to intercept a pass or touch a player with the ball.

To make the game easier you can increase the number of attacking players. Encourage the attacking players to move off the ball and get into a position to receive the ball. Communication should be high for both attacking and defending teams.