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Wales support drill

It’s a drill that focuses on the player passing the ball working to support the receiver then clearing out the contact. It’s vital in sevens to retain the ball so this really helps focus a player into a sevens mentality.

Place 2 players on a tackle shield, line them up next to each other roughly 10 meters apart. Line your team in 2 lines opposite the shields giving 10 meters space between the players and the shield with one player between the two lines 5 meters into the grid so they can pass backwards. The player in the middle starts with the ball and passes to the front player of the line on the right. The player receiving the ball then attacks the shield working on his footwork before taking contact. After the original player has passed the ball they should drop back to support the ball carrier. When the player with the ball takes contact the player from the middle runs to clear out the tackle shield. The next person in the line on the right runs to the breakdown and passes to the first player in the line on the left. The player who passed the ball follows his pass clearing the other shield when the player takes contact. Then the next player from the left then passes back to the line on the right. This continues with players joining the back of the lines.

Step 1. Set up as below, start with the ball in the middle. The player runs forward and passes the ball and runs to support the player they've passed to.

Step 2. The player that received the ball takes contact and the player that passed them the ball clears out the shield to ensure the team keep the ball.

Step 3. The next player in the line behind the contact comes forward and passes the ball from the ruck following their pass to support the receiver. The middle player catches the ball and passes to the end player again following their pass.

Step 4. The end player takes contact. The player one in clears the ruck and a player in the line opposite the ruck comes up to make the pass.

Step 5. The sequence starts again moving back along the line. the key is that the players talk to each other to avoid an error.