Cultural Events

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The Trial 

Chicolini, one of the Presidents' cabinet members, was found to have tried to sell Freedonia's secret war code and plans, but maintains that he sold a code and two pair of plans. His still unnamed accomplice is still at large. 

Abuse Our Neighbors

Help us abuse our neighbors to the south; they spy on us, so we hit them with armloads of whatever fresh fruit we find at the Teasdale house.

 Do Your Civic Duty

Our citizens enjoy the vast rewards of being Freedonian citizens, if they happen to be wealthy, and many enjoy civic duty. To the right you can see two citizens helping to fit our President into a new suit that is too small by trimming him down to fit in it. 

Singing and Performing

Everyone loves singing and dancing, and we're no exception.

 The House of Representatives

Visit our token puppet legislative body, but make sure to go with your trousers up. Nothing is more embarassing than showing up at a legislative body without your pants. Well, almost nothing.



Patriotism Day

Help celebrate Patriotism Day with us, everywhere from the Capital City to your bathtub. In Freedonia, nowhere is beyond the long arm of the law! We'll infringe on every right you have to keep you part of the most free country in the world!