Parkville Middle School Closing Song

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Don't Worry We'll See You Again

Written By Mr. David A. Miller


Verse 1


Early one morning just waking from sleep, I received a letter but there was no addressee.  I paid it no mind, in fact I wanted to send it back, but something that I was feeling said open it.


  It said dear reader once a close friend of mine I hope that this letter finds you in time.  It said, “Eighth grade is ending and your life’s just beginning at a high school one day you’ll hold dear to you”.  (And, it made me wanna say.)




Don’t worry we’ll see you again

Parkville, you’ll be our best friend

We’ve got our education,

Now we’re graduating.

Parkville, we hope you’ll know that we’ll miss you.


Don’t worry we’ll see you again

Sorry that the school year had to end

The work we were messing around with

Time passed we didn’t notice it

Parkville we hope you’ll know that we’ll miss you.



Verse 2


It took me a minute to wake up and see that the eighth grade is ending for me.  I wanted to lay down and die and I ‘m sure that I’ll cry ‘cause everything about Parkville is worth it.


At first we didn’t understand why we were learning this stuff.  Now we can see why we need it so much.  Smart’s not what you are; it’s something you get.  Your thoughts determine your actions.






And you say you love me

(And you say you love me Parkville)

I must have been blind ‘cause I sure didn’t see this school year ending

(I once was blind but now I see)

My Best School

They say keep the school you love close and your classmates’ even closer.

But, we can’t win for losing ‘cause we’re leaving you

Look at the pain you caused for letting me leave.

(Look at all of the things you taught me)

Listen to me Parkville

(I gave you everything, time and energy

Parkville you know we love you) Oh