50th Reunion Celebrated

With planning by a small but determined committee, the RKHS Class of 1964 celebrated its Fiftieth Reunion on the weekend of July 25-27. Here are the latest details:
WHEN: Saturday, July 26, 2014, 11:00 AM-3:00 PM

WHERE: Italian Community Center (ICC), Milwaukee. 

WHO ATTENDED: To view a list of classmates and guests who were registered to attend as of noon 7-25-14, click here.


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RKHS Class of 1964 Fiftieth Reunion

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             To view maps of classmates' last known locations (many of which are probably out of date) click here

WHO'S ON THE COMMITTEE: Tom Schaefer, Joy (Markert) Adams, Carol (Bergemann) Weber, Beverly (Nash) Johnson, Carolyn (Gaines) Jahnke, Marshall Gratz


ON THE EVENING BEFORE OUR REUNION, an informal gathering took place at the Estabrook Park Beer Garden during the late afternoon and evening. Music, food, beer and non-alcoholic drinks combined with good conversation for the several classmates and guests who attended.

THE DAY AFTER OUR REUNION, the RKHS Alumfest was held at the RKHS Athletic Field, from noon-4PM, with a program at 2:00 p.m. under the big tent. National Honor Students offered tours of the school including its latest addition. Several class of 1964 classmates and guests attended this program which is presented annually with all RKHS classes invited. 

GERMANFEST was going on throughout the period July 25-27, 2014, and several classmates and guests included that event either before or after the July 26 reunion event.

WAS THERE ANY REUNION MONEY LEFT OVER AFTER EXPENSES?  Yes.  The remainder was donated to the Rufus King Alumni Association on behalf of the Class of 1964.  The Committee again expresses its appreciation to everyone who responded with information, to all who attended the Reunion, and to those who contributed extra to help make the event successful. 

FOR MORE REUNION INFORMATION: Contact Joy at 4147318031 or joy.adams@sbcglobal.net

FOR RKHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION INFORMATION: Contact Joy or the Association's Facebook page or website