Alumni Happy Tails

Look who has been given a bright new future in their furever home!

Suri was adopted by Michael
and Lettetia from Oregon!

Denise and John welcomed
Idgy aka Harley into their home. 

Here's Rugby with his
new family, Terry and Gina.
Yippee for Rugby!

Yippee for Jillian (Jilly Bean)!
Congrats to Denise & Randy,
and years of fun & joy with
their newest family furkid!

Congrats to Harley and his new family!  Boy did he win!..Harley
has two big brothers!..a human
brother plus a big furkid brother.  Yippee for Harley!

Scamp, good for you and your
new family.  Thanks Gene, for
giving Scamp his forever home... Enjoy & keep us posted!

Congrats to Prisca...  Thanks for Shelly & Dan from Iowa for adopting two R.u.F.F. Rescue furgirls into their family.

Yippee for Olivia and her
new parents...Nancy & Danny.  
Congrats to all! & thanks for bringing sweet Livy
into your family.

Congratulations to Rosy AKA Autumn and her new mom!

Yippee for Sammy!!  What a super deal.. parents.. big sister.. plus a chiweenie big brother..  congratulations to you all!!

Yippee skippee for Bingo & Ashley...what a great couple you make.. such fun memories coming your way!  Thank you Ashley for adopting Bingo into your family!

Zoey & Bubbles have their furever home!! Yes siree... the twins are adopted & will be having lots of loven with their parents Marilyn & Denny... Congratulations!

Yippee skippee!! Little Nod is with his furever family.. thank you
Paula & Damon for adopting Nod...
now to be called Gunner..
congratulations & enjoy!

Congratulations & yippee for Ruby! You will have lots if love in this family.. Happy days for all of you!

Yippee skippee for Benji...happy times for this family!!

Yippee skippee! Molly's found her furever home.. what bunches of love & kisses in store for this family.. congratulations to Michelle, Andrew & the kids!

Hurray for Cricket & his new
  Cricket will be living in South Dakota.  Thanks & congratulations to all!

Yippee skippee for SnowStorm who is headed to Colorado with his new parents.. Tristan & Sean.

Congratulations to Amy & her family.. & Snowdyn joining them in Beatrice.. thank you for adopting our sweet boy.. enjoy!

Yippee for Khali & her new mom Karen!  Lots of adventures in store for these two ladies traveling across the US.  Congratulations to both of you & thank you Karen.

Yippee skippee!  Little Lincoln found his furever home with Terri, Tom & family!  Congratulations & thank you for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Congratulations to Nelson and his new family!  Thank you for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Yeah for Snowberry!!  You are
so lucky to find your forever home with Mary...
Congratulations and thank you for adopting from
R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Yippee skippee Dory!  Wow look at you and your new family.. Shelley.. Wade & Kobe.. such fun & lots of love for this lucky family.  Congratulations & thank you!

Yippee skippee!  Nigel has his furever family.  So much love & kisses for all.  Congratulations & thank you for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Rush was adopted by Don & Donna Ross of Missouri.  Congratulations and thanks for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Yay for Gretchen! Who will now be known as Bailey, with parents Jayme & Milo.  Playtime and lots of memories for this family.  Congratulations!  Thank you for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue! 

Abby was adopted by
Colette and family!

LizzieLu was welcomed into her
new home with Matt and Lisa.

Here is little miss Luci with
her new family - Samantha,
Walter, the kids and Buddy!

Wow! Kahuna and Madial will
be in their new furever homes together.  Congrats to Cheryll.

Congrats to Lily and her parents!  Yippee for Lily!!

Yippee skippee for Ziggy and his new furever a big brother Mathew..and big sister Madison.
WOW!..How lucky is that!  

Cookie is now in South Dakota... being much spoiled by her mom, Deann... Thanks so much Deann for bringing Cookie into your loving family.. Enjoy & keep us posted!

Kiki and new mom Margo
from Kansas City.  Yippee for all
of you!  Thanks Margo for making 
Kiki a part of your family!

Congratulations to Ottis and his
new owners. 
Another successful adoption here at Ruff Rescue!

Felix...yippee skippee! For Felix & Dorothy...what a great family & lots of luv & kisses for both of you.  Congratulations!

Yippee skippee for Snow White! Such a lucky little girl being welcomed into Angie & Steve’s family.. big brothers will be sharing their snacks & beds before long.  Congratulations!!

Yippee skippee!  Nessa is now with her furever family in Minnesota.. Brenda.. Garrett thank you for sharing your love of Scotties with Nessa.. Congratulations!

Sherlock has his new furever home! Anna & Rich will be providing lots of mysteries to solve as they retire to travel the US.. Congrats to your family!

Little Winkin has her furever family! Yippee skippee! Such fun ahead for everyone.. thank you Michelle.. John (not pictured).. and daughter for adopting Winky into your family!!

Yippee skippee!! Prada has her furever family in Missouri... Natalie and girls have lots of love.. walks.. fun.. for this new family..  Thank you for adopting a R.u.F.F. Rescue dog!

Yippee skippee!  For Hugo and his new family Robin & Jackson...
lots of love & fun for all...
Congratulations and thank you for bringing Hugo into your family!

Yippee skippee!! Aires has her furever family…congratulations to all of you!

Yippee skippee for Moser!!  Congratulations to Linda & Jay. Moser will be living in Colorado with the wonderful family!

Congratulations for Lacee.. she is
 on her way to her furever family Marie & her gang.. in Wisconsin.
  Thanks to all.. enjoy!

Congrats to Wrigley & his new family!  Thanks to Jennipher & Keith for making Wriggley a part of your family! 

Yippee skippee...Tapper has his furever family...such great times ahead for Emily and Frankie aka Tapper.  Congratulations to both of you…thank you Emily!

Wow!  Yippee skippee!  
Fly Boy Zipper now has his furever family...Sara & Tim with their
first furkid together!  
Congratulations & thank you!

Yippee skippee for Delsi!  She is now with her furever family Cris, Alan, big furkid brother Ember.  Congratulations and thank you for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue

What a great Easter for Ali, Scott, and Cierno!  Ali & Scott will be having so much fun creating new memories with this lover boy!  Congratulations from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Congratulations to Tipper!  Thanks for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Tami and family adopted Talasi now known as Sassy.  Sassy is so happy she's smiling in the pic lol.

Moloko was adopted by Judi
and Thomas from Michigan.

Woodstock with his new 
big brother Ringo and dad Ryan.  Congrats to Woodstock!

Ivana is off to North Dakota!
She is pictured here with two 
of her new family... Pam and daughter Leona. 

Gypsy has been adopted!  
Congrats to her new family, 
Erika, John & kids.  Another
Husker moving out of state...
all the way to Mississippi!

Super dupper happiness 
for Griffin!  Congrats to you 
and your new family!

Yippee for Tazzy & Maxi... 
lots of love coming your way
in your new family... thanks to
Karen & her family! 

Congrats to Pippin's new family…
Chris & family.  
Pippin had a great trip to the Kansas City area to join her two big human sisters.

What a lucky girl Pippa!  Nat & Kim has another girl to add to their wonderful family.  Thank you and congratulations to all!!

Yippee Skippee!  Shelley & Michael with their daughter Brianna are looking at lots of fun plus so much more from this loving guy. 
Enjoy! Congratulations! 

Greg & Shannon... Thanks for making Snow Cone part of your family!!

Yippee skippee! Finn now has his furever family.. with parents Kelly & Kenny.. Max & Sophie.. Thanks for bringing Finn into your family..

Hooray for Haley!! Such the journey you have taken to find your furever family.. Patty and family will spoil & love you furever and a day.  Congratulations!

Yippee skippee! Blinkin is adopted and with his furever family! Thank you Leia & Kriston for bringing
Blinkin into your family.. enjoy!!

Yippee skippee! Reba has her
furever family.. Thomas & Shelley...lots of fun, snuggles & kisses for you.  
Thank you for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue

Congrats to Forte and his new
 forever family!

Hurray for Chanel#5...adopted
to wonderful family in South Dakota...thanks & congratulations
to Geri & her family!

Look at you SnowFlurry!! You are headed home to Colorado with your furever family.. Denise & Jerry.  Thanks & congratulations to all!

Harrah for Briggs & Tris...
What a happy duo.. super family these two will make..
Congratulations & thank you for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Congratulations to Emma & her new family…Patty, Mike, and Hunter!  What fun times are in your future.  Lots of hugs & kisses for all.  
Thank you from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Yippee skippee for Tiny Abe...he has his furever mom Stephanie to snuggle with & give kisses.  Thanks from R.u.F.F. Rescue & congratulations!

Yippee skippee!  Kobalt...our little guy...what a super life ahead for you in Wisconsin...lots of hugs & kisses from your new family..Maj-Britt & Katie.  Congratulations to all!

Yippee skippee for Elsie!  Her new mom Laurie with extended family drove 7 plus hours from Iowa.
Congratulations & thank you for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Congratulations to Mateo, who is seen here with Bernice, Robert, and big brother Duke!  Thank you for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Congratulations to Captain Morgan & Julie for lots of love & playtime!  Thanks for adopting from R.u.F.F. Rescue!

Yippee skippee for Ace!  What happy times in your future...such fun & loving memories for Katie & Howard...with new big brother Kramer! known as in her furever family Julie & family. lots of fun & music in the future for thus family..Congratulations!  & thank you for adopting from Ruff Rescue