Foster Program

R.u.F.F Rescue is a humane organization that puts animals first.  If we learn of an animal in need, we will respond if we are at all able.  We do not have a shelter/sanctuary or facility, so foster families are extremely valuable to our rescue operation.  We are limited to the number of animals we can rescue by the number of foster homes in which to place them.  The more foster homes we have the more animals we can rescue. 


The responsibilities of a foster home include:

  • Providing a safe loving home environment to help rehabilitate and care for the foster dog

  • Understand that most of these dogs either have come from horrendous situations or have been given up by their previous owners and require a lot of patience into their new transition

  • Foster families are asked to write a short biography about the foster dog and update pictures monthly (if a foster home does not have a digital camera, a R.u.F.F. volunteer will take them for you).

To become a foster home:

  • Please complete a foster care application

  • A veterinarian reference will be made to ensure your pets are current on all vaccinations and are spayed/neutered

  • The R.u.F.F Rescue Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule a home visit

  • Once approved, a rescue dog will be placed in your home!

Contact us to learn more about our foster program.