Adoption Process

Adopting a pet is a serious commitment.  We strongly encourage anyone thinking about adding a fuzzy member to their family to do their research and be ready for this commitment.  R.u.F.F. will work with you to match a dog that will best match your family.  If you want to have a pet in your home, but are not sure you can make a lifelong commitment please consider becoming a foster parent!

You will first be required to complete an adoption application.  Once received, a R.u.F.F. volunteer will review your application to ensure a good match with your dog of choice.  Determining a good match takes into consideration the dog’s age, temperament, your schedule, and experience.  Our goal is to make the best match possible to ensure a long furever home!  If your chosen dog does not look like a good match for you, a volunteer will make suggestions for other dogs that might be a better fit.  We will still process your application so when the right dog comes along (and he/she will) you will already be approved to adopt!  You will be able to meet dogs at local events or other options as arranged.

Next, a R.u.F.F. volunteer will contact you within 24 hours upon receiving your application.  All references (personal/veterinarian) will be contacted, and then you will be contacted to schedule a home visit.  If you are not within our local area (Lincoln, Nebraska), a volunteer from a rescue/shelter close to you will help aide in this process.  If you are renting, we do require proof that you are allowed to have a pet as well as any breed or size restriction that may exist (lease agreement/letter from landlord).  Once approved, a R.u.F.F. volunteer will schedule an adoption time and location.  If you are out of the state, we will arrange to meet at a local airport, where you can take a turn-around flight with your new adopted dog as your carry-on.  In certain cases, we will allow a pet-transport airline. 

All dogs are heartworm tested, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and spayed or neutered (if old enough).  They are also assessed for behavior before being placed in their new homes.  As we grow, our mission will too.

Contact us to learn more about our adoption process.