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Rudy Taylor is a past Assistant District 
and Special Prosecutor. 
He is experienced in all areas of criminal law 
from Capital Murder/Death Penalty 
to Simple Assault, Meth to Marijuana, Sex Crimes, 
DWI, and everything in between. 

Rudy Taylor has tried over 30 felony cases to Juries and has written 15 Appellate Briefs including two (2) Murder appeals and has done oral argument twice in the 11th Court of Appeals.

If you are a citizen accused of a crime, get a full-time criminal defense lawyer who can take your case to jury trial if necessary and one that the prosecutors know will be tough.
Member of Texas 
Criminal Defense 
Lawyers Association 
Since 2003

Certified by the Supreme 
Court of Texas

Simplified Steps to Defense

by Rudy Taylor

First, we must attempt to get the accused citizen out of jail with a bondsman. It is sometimes necessary to file a Writ of Habeas Corpus to reduce the bond if it is set too high for the class of crime charged.

Second, it is my sole responsibility to analyze the accused citizen's case to make sure that his/her constitutional rights have not been violated by the government authorities. If the U.S Constitution, the Texas Constitution, the Texas Statutes, and/or case law are violated, a motion to suppress evidence and statements, inter alia, may be filed. 

Third, the citizen and I must go over the facts of the case in detail to ascertain the validity of the charges and theorize any possible defenses. Jury trials are most successful when telling the jury a true story. So it is important for the citizen to trust defense counsel with minute details of the events surrounding the alleged crime...except for the ultimate question... did he do it? Defense counsel does not want to know. We let the facts speak for themselves.

Forth, it is important that we discuss the possibility of settling the case with a plea bargain or going all the way to jury trial. The facts of the case and the circumstances of plea negotiations determine the timing of the plea. It is not uncommon to settle the case only minutes before actually picking the jury.

Next, the trial. I am a student of Robert Hirschorn, JD, PhD. in the art of picking juries which includes educating the jury on the issues in the case. This is arguably the most important part of trial. 

Then, I simply tell our story through opening statements and cross-examination of the State's witnesses and possibly our own witnesses including the accused citizen. Hopefully, all of the preparation and final presentation at trial will result in a judicious outcome with which the citizen will be happy.