Rudrakshya 2008


Mission: Create an awareness of Indian traditions and disseminate the beauty and splendor of the rich Indian culture and heritage to the people of North America. We want to present and promote "Odissi"--the graceful and lyrical dance from Orissa, a State in Eastern India. Famous for its grace and charm, the dance is characterized by its rounded, fluid movements, as well as the abundance in sculpturesque poses.

Multifaceted culture and heritage of India, in true way, is the biggest asset of the country which dates back to the period of earliest civilization. Performing arts being the innate form of Indian culture and heritage, has been celebrated in the country for thousands years. Be it music, dance or theater, every form of performing art of India is known for its uniqueness and symbolize its age-old rich culture and tradition.

“RUDRAKSHYA FOUNDATION” ---- The team of young and vibrant dancers from the East Indian state of Orissa is formed and directed by Guru Bichitrananda Swain is an exceptionally excellent performer, teacher and choreographer who possesses an in-depth knowledge of Odissi. He is an outstanding choreographer who composes pieces with new creative approach in a fold of tradition.