Rudraksha-the Panacea For All Evils: By Raveendranath Menon

It is commonly believed that Rudraksha belong to the Rishis and Saints and is only of spiritual value. While I give due respect to this belief it is sad that few are aware of its abundant curative qualities both physical and mental.

Rudraksha the dried fruit of the Rudraksha tree grown in India, Indonesia and the Himalayan Kingdoms considered as a symbol of purity if used properly can remedy many a physical and mental deficiencies besides bestowing the wearer good health, fortune, peace and tranquility. It is however pertinent that the selection and use of Rudraksha bead calls for the help of an expert.

There is an interesting mythology behind the origin of this virtuous fruit. The story unfolds to us in the form of a conversation between lord Shiva and Lord Karthikeya. Tripura the ferocious demon who terrorised all the three worlds and the devas including Brahma and Vishnu was all prevailing to the despair of all . To end his evils Lord Shiva did meditate on the mighty Aghora ( The weapon of destruction.) for million of years, closing his eyes. Tears fell from his eyes and the the revered Rudraksha tree was born at his will and for the benefit of the human race.

Ancient and revered Indian texts such as Shiva Mahapurana , Shreemad Devi Bhagavatham and a few other religious scriptures give us a detailed account of the rituals and uses of Rudraksha. It would be difficult if not impossible to give a graphic account of the whole gamut of the uses and rituals of various types of Rudrakshas within my limited space allotted here . I however would like to share with you a few tips on the selection ,use and rituals of this sacred eye of Rudra the third among the omniscient trinities of Hinduisam. I give below the basic principles and rituals for wearing the Rudraksha as given in the scriptures with the help of the valuable advice received from my most revered and celestial Master Lord Nandikeshwara. I have also relied on my past 20 years of experience as a successful vedic astrologer.

Though most of the Rudrakshas look alike there is subtle difference among them. The identity and the uniqueness of the various types of Rudraksha are represented by their facets. Though it may be difficult for an ordinary person to identify the genuiness and the type of Rudraksha an expert can do this easily.

Fourteen types of Rudrakshas are commonly found in the market.They vary from one facet to fourteen facets. A few varieties of importances are discussed below.

Rudraksha with one facet:- (Yek Mukhi)

This is the rarest of the rare Rudrakshas and the most virtuous and powerful one. It is very costly and should be bought from genuine and authorised persons. It represents Lord Shiva and is used by people of high spiritual order, Rishis, sages and great devotees. It wards of all past sins and bestows the wearer with divine grace, enlightenment, virtuous mind peace and tranquility. It has limited use for mundane affairs. It helps cure the maladies related to an afflicted sun.

Rudraksha with two facets:- (dwi Mukhi)

Representing both Uma and Maheswara this is comparatively available cheap in the market. It is commonly suggested for conjugal bliss, mental disorders, bronchial problems and general prosperity.This do not call for any rigorous restrictions on the sadhaka.

Rudraksha with five facets:- (pancha Mukhi)

This is the cheapest of all varieties available in the market. It provides the wearer spiritual inclination, blessings of elders and the preceptors , financial success and release from all sins. This is normally worn as single or rosary of multiples of 27.

Rudraksha with six facets:- (shashta Mukhi)

This is represented by Lord Subramanya and the scriptures prescribe it to be worn on the right hand of a male and left for a female. It destroys the evil influences, oppositions, enemies, and diseases.

Rudraksha with eight facets:- (Ashta Mukhi)

Rudraksha with eight facets is normally prescribed for frequent ill health. Representing lord Ganesh the wearer is blessed with release of all sins related to immoral acts bestows virtuous character and leads to salvation.

Rudraksha with fourteen facets:- (Chathur dasa Mukhi)

Representing the universal Ardha Nareeswara concept this is the one that is popularly known as Gowri Shankara Rudraksha. Rare and costly among all types of Rudraksha it ensures the wearer all kinds of wealth , power and worldly comforts. People who aspire for mundane success ,money, fame and power may obtain this .

It may be clear for my readers from above that Rudrakshas are meant not only for the renounced or Mendicants (Sadhus) but also for people of all walks of life subject to the usual restrictions.

The wearer of all kinds of Rudrakshas is expected to be virtuous , calm and control his senses. He is advised to keep away from bad company , wine meat and cigars. Wearing the same on inauspicious occasions and with unclean body and surroundings may bring negative results.

Who can wear a Rudraksha ?

People of all walks of life can wear the Rudraksha subject to the general restrictions mentioned above. Contrary to the popular belief besides men and children women also can wear Rudraksha during the 10 reproductive days of their monthly cycle and women off the reproductive age throughout the month.

The selection and the identification of the Rudraksha should be made with the help of a an experienced person on the subject and Astrology. It is considered auspicious should the Rudraksha be received as a gift from the preceptor or person of high spiritual order along with proper Manthra(Divine Syllables) and rituals and the latter followed scrupulously to derive maximum benifits.

 The author is a freelance Indian Vedic astrologer, gemmologist and consultant in various occult remedies. He answers direct queries in his following site at nominal cost.