Understanding and Selecting Auspicious Timings

By Carl Farner

The "Inauguration" of an important event and its "Commencement" always signified a memorial occasion in virtually every society throughout history. "Inauguration" derived from the Latin word inaugurare, that is, "the study of the flight, singing and movement of birds." At one time people studied the nature of time and predicted the quality and nature of a situation simply through the flight of birds. Via the passage of time, people lost the wisdom of this practice, and at present this art is near obsolete due to zealous fanaticism.

"Commencement" means "the birth of an object or event." The timing of an event is so important that astrologers always take note of that timing because "whatever is done at a moment in time has the qualities of that moment in time." It nurtures those qualities like a baby with certain qualities or defects that grow with him. Defects may be corrected, but it is best that they are absent from the initial stage.

Some examples of important events include the laying of a cornerstone of a new building or a ground-breaking ceremony, the opening of a new company, store, or a building or a park or even a house-warming. These events have always been significant moments for individuals that make use of these facilities. All of these events have something in common: The cutting of the ribbon or master ceremony is never assigned to any common person, but rather to that person who plays an essential role in the object being inaugurated, usually to a person who is the most successful, honorable individual in that community.

The nature and quality of time can be discerned through this primeval science of astrology also. This treatise of the stars is simply a picture of the position of the planets in the constellations. It is cast and the learned astrologer interprets the meanings and insights of the karma of each individual, object or situation. Although it is a science, even common people can understand that the luminaries and constellations have an influence upon everything on this earth planet.

Unfortunately, not everybody is taking advantage of this invaluable knowledge. On the other hand, this Vedic science of astrology is not lost, and there is evidence of an increasing number of people taking advantage of it. There are farmers who plant various vegetables under the waxing and waning moon, or at certain times and particular seasons. Obviously, their crops produce a better quantity and quality. This is astrology; it is a great science. Therefore, selecting a time for the commencement, birth, or the inauguration of an event or object is extremely significant and therefore not the easiest task for those who are learned with the nature of time—the astrologers.

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