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Utah draws tourists to our mountains, deserts, canyons and other natural wonders by maintaining open spaces, clean air and clear water. Utah’s natural beauty is a critical component of a strong job market. We must protect these crucial resources, not just for our citizens but for our economy as well.

The Utah legislature has gone on an ill-advised spending spree. They’ve poured millions of taxpayer dollars into unwinnable lawsuits that, if successful, will lead to devastation of Utah’s natural spaces and damage the tourist economy. A new perspective is needed to bring this reckless spending to an end and focus on what creates opportunity for regular Utahns.

We must find common ground and build a foundation for positive action wherever it can have an impact.  Clear, consistent leadership based on input from people in our district as well as scientists is needed.  Renewable energies, tighter vehicle emission standards, better building energy efficiency, water conservation, and increased recycling options are where we should be able to start. 

This is our home, where we raise our families, where we enjoy living close to nature with beautiful vistas, abundant wildlife, and wide open recreation areas.  Let’s find a way to come together and take care of it for ourselves and for generations to come.


  • Listen to the over 90% of climate scientists who understand climate change is real and primarily man-made. Our ski industry is threatened by increases in temperature and the resultant lack of snow.
  • Expand renewable energy resources. Utah now employs 1600 people in the coal industry and 2700 in the solar industry with the solar industry growing by 24% per year.
  • Help workers in the coal industry transition over the years to new skills and new self-sufficient jobs.
  • Find fiscally responsible ways to fund our clean air future.  For example, Utah is currently collecting fossil fuel extraction royalties of 17% while other states are charging considerably higher rates.  Texas, for example has 25% royalties.
  • Eliminate fossil fuel tax breaks.
  • Invest in increased monitoring and control of Utah’s reservoirs and put a stop to algae blooms and other hazards that endanger our citizens.
  • Preserve current state tax credits and incentivize new energy efficiency improvements for existing homes.