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There is no component more critical to building a better Utah in the long run than making sure our children attain their highest potential. In Utah's current educational system, our teachers are among the lowest paid and least experienced due to our high attrition rate. Our schools also have the lowest per student funding.

The Utah State School Board's solution to this problem is lowering hiring standards, having only the most meager of educational standards for the people who are supposed to be teaching our children math, science, and literature. This is a recipe for a tidal wave of ill-prepared college students and unfulfilling careers.

Utah is full of wonderful, loving, and hard-working parents, but we need to be realistic about the challenges our children will face. 

When I'm elected, I'll demand that your children be taught by trained and experienced educators and solve the problem of empty teacher's desks by paying teachers appropriately for the crucial, irreplaceable work they do by giving them incentives to stay on.

  • Increase education funding to reduce class sizes and bring Utah students to the top level of achievement.
  • Increase educator compensation to attract the very best teachers and reduce attrition. 
  • Lower student debt by reducing out of pocket tuition fees for state colleges and universities.
    • Refinance existing student debt to current low interest rates.
  • Keep the requirement that all K-12 teachers have a degree in education.
  • Support alternate paths other than college (vocational education) that lead to good paying jobs.
  • Fully fund preschool and after school educational programs.
  • Require developers to pay impact fees that cover the costs of new schools without placing the burden on existing residents.