As a student in New Jersey I was fascinated with chemistry, statistics, the environment, aeronautics and how they were all connected. I majored in chemical engineering and minored in nuclear engineering and ultimately earned a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University. After a short period of time managing a family business, I returned to engineering where I spent the rest of my 35-year career with
 a Fortune 250 Company. 

While there, I did everything from research, technology marketing, to project and product management. Some technical projects aimed at fostering a better environment included, hydrogen applications in fuel cells for electric cars; the use of oxygen and ozone to purify drinking and wastewater; using liquid nitrogen to freeze scrap tires so they could be pulverized to dust and re-used; and more efficient mining with the use of small rocket engines to drill blast holes in rock ore.

In Wasatch County, I served as chairman of the Democratic Party since 2006, on The Board of Adjustments, The Wasatch Trails Alliance and The Design Standards and Guidelines Committee for the Heber City historical district.

Most of my free time is spent rewriting and proposing new laws on the state and federal level to create a more just and equitable society. The document has a working title of "Blueprint for a More Civil Nation" The general theme is: "Unless we change direction, we're likely to end up where we're headed." A previous document still in progress for future publication is titled "Rx: Prescription for America." Hundreds of pages address the injudiciousness of national and international politics. As a hobby, I earned a pilot's license.

My wife Patricia, a retired school teacher with a Masters in Remedial Reading, has held numerous positions on the County Democratic Party. She has also contributed her time to several educational and community committees. You might notice a few lasting touches from her stay on the Heber City beautification committee.  Pat and I are avid skiers and enjoy hiking in beautiful Utah. We are also frequent international travelers. When we are not skiing or hiking together, she is in her drought tolerant garden or her vegetable patch.  

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