Rudi Kohler has a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University. He ran hi
s own business and then he returned to engineering, working for a Fortune 250 Company where he spent the rest of his 3
5-year working career. He and his wife Pat, a retired teacher, have three children and three grandchildren. They enjoy t
he many recreational opportunities offered by our beautiful valley and the surrounding mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers.

Rudi is active in the community, serving on numerous boards and committees and he is a frequent contributor to The Wave as well as the Impact Show on Heber’s local radio station, KTMP. 

His frustration with the ineffectiveness of government at many levels has led to his decision to run for the Utah House seat in District 54. We need to be represented by leaders that are willing to fight for the needs of all constituents – not just a few on the economic or political fringes. 

The nation as well as Utah House District 54 will have a clear choice in this election. It is the choice between “we” and “me.” Rudi’s position will be to further the “we” philosophy in government. Government should serve all the people. 

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VOTE FOR RUDI KOHLER, Utah House District 54!

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