Blenheim Childrens and Family Centre

posted 24 Jul 2011, 07:03 by Lucas Rudge

An excerpt from an email received following our Key Stage 2 adaptation talk given at a centre for disadvantaged Children in Orpington.

Reviewing the afternoon with a mate who was with you for all of the chat: universally 10/10 Luc. Parents were also there; and kids.

We have had rave reviews about you ... Your fabulous welsh lilt...very soothing; plus Emma supporting you and providing a variety in tone and pace. To be honest we would have thought you were trained and expert at team teaching. It was pretty seamless as far as I could tell.

We have had rave reviews for you guys... I may try and get kids to feed back to you if you can take that...in Sept

Thank you so much both of you; we want you back next year for sure.

Snake Sit-In

posted 23 Jun 2011, 08:46 by Lucas Rudge

Hello, the phone call went, can you help me with a sponsor event?
And so we met Bill, who Captains a boat for the Island of hope Drink and Drug charity.  Bill wanted to sit in a bath with a few snakes for an hour to raise money as the boats owners are looking to sell her and it's the charities only link between the shore and it's treatment centre.
We were happy to give our time to help out, so Bill today met five of our Royals and Citrine, our Burmese female.
To date this event has raised over £700.

2nd Crofton Guides

posted 13 Jun 2011, 05:43 by Lucas Rudge

After a wonderful evening teaching the Guides about reptile, here's what some of the Guides wrote in our comments book:

"Thank you. I really enjoyed holding the snakes and lizards, they really lightened my mood. I liked it so much I want a snake now!"

"I really enjoyed learning about them. Also I was scared but it was fun."

"I have enjoyed holding the reptiles and have learnt lots".

Bluebell Walk Day

posted 25 May 2011, 14:30 by Lucas Rudge

Hi Lucas,

Thank you ever so much for coming along on Sunday and I hope you enjoyed the day as much as our supporters enjoyed the snakes.

The photographer from the Bromley Borough News has sent me a link to the photos he took on Sunday. Please click on the HospisCare link to view them.
Bluebell walk
There are quite a few of the Mayor with your Burmese Python.

I am finalising the last details of the patient day and will get back to you in the next few days.

Thank you once again

Kind Regards

Simon Pitts

Harris HospisCare

A Big Thank You

posted 30 Apr 2011, 06:18 by Lucas Rudge

Just a quick note to thank Luc, Emma and Jane for all their hard work at our summer event.  Eveybody commented on how good the demonstrations and handling were and people went away extremely informed and a lot of phobias were bansihed.  We shall certainly use you in the future.  

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