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We specialise only in reptiles and through our many years of experience in owning and handling these animals we can provide a knowledgable insight into their lives, habitats and characters. Hire us for your event, party, fete or special occasion and we will provide an educational, hands-on experience to all your guests whist dismissing a few myths along the way! We can also give afternoon or after dinner talks on either the animals, or how we became involved with them, or a mixture of both.

Most of the animals we used are "rescued" - family pets that can no longer be cared for or accommodated, or animals that were regarded as "surplus" by the pet trade.

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Our Experience Shows!

Over the years we have given reptile handling opportunities at numerous charity summer fêtes, school events, local shows, parties and specialist shows. A large percentage of our demonstrations are from repeat customers who, prior to meeting us, had absolutely no experience with these misunderstood animals. During the course of the handling sessions we have seen many people lose their fears and reservations about reptiles and walk away with a genuine interest and education in various snakes and lizards.